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In keeping with popular story-telling tradition, we embark on the epic journey which is the Mahabharata with the story of a key player, Devavrata – in time, hailed the world over as Bhishma, the Grand Sire.

This is the story of his parents – Santanu and Ganga

Image @ Bishma Ekadashi

Image @ Bishma Ekadashi


King Santanu by heavenly Ganga besotted

All his possessions including his life, he offered

Shower no wrath, not ask about me and not displease me

Promise me these, O Righteous King and as your wife take me

The king assented and they lived in harmony

Out of their blissful union, sons were born many

Each new born, she cast into the river pregnant

Her king aghast at his wife, sweet indifferent

The King watched horrified, as the eighth she held to the sky

“You fiend!” he cried, seeing her make ready for sacrifice

Your promise, O King, I hold

You have not heard my tale told

Mother to these eight Vasus, I am Goddess Ganga

Born as mortals, for they bear the curse of Vasishtha

As father of these sons, higher realms are your reward

Once nurtured, into your arms I shall hand and depart

Taking the child, so disappeared Goddess Ganga

The Eighth Vasu he will return as Devavrata

************ Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2014 ************

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