Thank you all for contributing to make this Flash Fiction Gallery a monumental success. I received no less than 25 – yes, 25 different takes on the prompt word VAMPIRE. All came in at exactly 33 words.

Amazing, the number of talented and generous people out there 🙂

My name is Andre and I shall wait here while you take the tour with your Host.

Ladies and gentlemen. I am your Host.

Welcome to my humble abode, one that has been with the family for many hundreds of years; seen many joys; experienced much pain; sorrow and —– terror.


We experienced a dreadful thunderstorm that knocked out the power. But the torches will do just as well – I promise.

Follow me please, and watch your steps. Watch every step.

It is an old mansion with many memories, some desperately trying to reach out – to touch, to embrace, to grab. Fear not. For, I am here. Yes, I am here.

Please, I beg you not to touch or pick up any trinkets. For one does not know, what scents one leaves behind, what portals one nudges open, and what hunger lurks in the very air – or what follows you home.

Stay close, do not wander away into unlit corridors. Remain within the Gallery. Remain within the shadows of my torch and you shall be quite safe. I promise.

Step in freely, freely of your will.

This way — Please.

First off to get the ball rolling is Bill blogging as bwthoughts


Second contribution from Bumba blogging as Every Day Another Story


Third contribution to the gallery is from Susan blogging as A Woman’s View of Hunting with Men


Please welcome the contribution from regular contributor Padmini blogging as call2read


Most of you know that Padmini was my Blog Pick for March 2013. I enjoy her posts and welcome you to visit her blog.

Welcome newcomer misskzebra blogging as To Be A Magician


With great pleasure we welcome Cynthia Jobin blogging as littleoldladywho with her contribution titled >


Cynthia J_33WFF

Please welcome another first time contributor, Nicole blogging as Bipolar Christianity


Welcome back Troy blogging as Troysherdahl. His contribution gave me a chuckle 🙂


Next, we have an erotica from an acrostic vampie. Please welcome the contribution from Willow blogging as willowdot21


I especially enjoyed this one from first time participant in our Gallery, welcome Rob Akers blogging as robakers

Rob Akers_33WFF

My great pleasure to receive and display the piece from Jane Stansfeld blogging as jstansfeld

Jane Stansfeld_33WFF

For newcomers, Jane was my Blog Pick for April 2013. If you are into flash fictions and poetry, pay Jane a visit and I guarantee, you’ll not regret it.

Welcome my dear friend and regular contributor to our Gallery, Jasey Chua (she does not have a blog – yet 🙂 )

Jasey Chua_33WFF

Some of you might have seen the next blogger around these parts. Please welcome

Auntyamo blogging as Just another Christian woman talking through her hat


My great pleasure to welcome back a dear friend who had been away for quite some time. Friends, I give you

Paul Grignon blogging as Grignon Gallery – Fine Artist/Writer/Model/Mentor

Paul Grignon_33WFF

Another long time friend whom I missed and an expert in writing erotica (I mean this as a serious compliment – check out her  blog Lucid Velvet Musings), please welcome Eva blogging as gabrielsfury


Please welcome first time contributor, Indira blogging as “Poems, Haiku, Quotes, Paintings, and Photographs” > actually her blog name is in Hindi characters and I resorted to English. Indira, as some of you might know, is Soma blogging as SOMKRITYA’s mother. Please enjoy:


Please welcome back regular participant Dom DiFrancesco blogging as Black And Write


My pleasure to present a good friend from Blogsville, Val Logar blogging as QBG Tilted Tiara

Val Logar_33WFF

Please welcome this generous soul who re-blogged my prompt post – Nourishment. I give you Jane Dougherty blogging as Jane Dougherty Writes

Jane Dougherty_33WFF

Next, my pleasure to welcome back regular supporter/contributor, Peg Richards blogging as Listening For Joy with her contribution titled: Nourishment

Peg Richards_33WFF

Please welcome back a person who delves in the dark side > Blackrose blogging as BLACKROSE


Please welcome with flourish, newcomer to these parts – and with not one but three (!) works – Wow!

Philip Brent Harris blogging as The Pen’s Might

The first titled: Vamp Ire (like that twist 🙂 )

Philip B Harris_1_33WFF

The second comes in as; Budding Concern

Philip B Harris_2_33WFF

And Phil wraps up his trilogy with a provocative question in Hunger:

Philip B Harris_3_33WFF

Please welcome back Alia blogging as 13th Paradigm with her contribution “Darkly Held Dreams”


We are done, Ladies and Dead. I appreciate that your numbers might have reduced considerably. But not one is lost or wasted.

Of this, you can rest – yes, rest assured. I promise.

Good bye!

(FLAP — FLAP — Flap —– flap ——– flap)


“Andre! I said, LIGHTS!”

“Sorry, Boss but the lighting man is gone.”

“What do you mean, Gone!”

“You know, he is (Gulp!) like gone!”

“Oh, never mind. Open the darn doors. Its a full moon, we’ll be alright.”

“Eh! Well, Boss, the doorman is also gone.”

“Great! Don’t tell me the phone lines are not working.”

“Well, eh, yes Boss, the phone lines are dead!”

“What do we do with all these people in the Gallery, Andre?”








“An -”


No one will be lost. I promise.

Your host,



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    1. LOL. Yes, matters of the dark seem to attract many as moths to flame. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the contributions.

      All good wishes, Carlton.

      🙂 Eric 🙂

    1. Hello Jane buddy,

      Would you believe it – your comment ended up in my WP spam! Many of my recent comments are ending up in the spam folders of blogs I’ve been following for years. I gather this problem affects many others too. I tell you, sometimes WP can really test one’s generosity.

      Did I just rant? Hmmmm – not good 🙂

      Happy to have you here, my dear buddy. I could not have put up this gallery without the unstinting support and help from all the contributors and commenters.

      Luv and hugz,

    1. Thank you Rachael,

      For mentioning the Vampire Gallery here. Yes, we did receive an exceptional number of quality contributions in prose and verse.

      All good wishes,

  1. See what happens when a naughty daughter and a naughtier friend influences a peace loving calm mom. She not only enjoys all the vampire posts but participates also. Me and my alter ego.
    Its an honor to see my name here .

    1. I assure you Indira dear,

      I was a straight and serious person (see my old posts) until I started reading Soma’s blog 🙂 I have also witnessed some of the delightful irreverance in your posts and know where she is getting hers from 🙂

      Peace loving calm mom? Okay 🙂

      Thank you for your contribution and it is a great pleasure to have you here.


  2. A wonderful, talented group, Eric, and I know you don’t like this, but tough (hehe) as I have to agree with Christy…there are many different written forms, which makes them even more entertaining to read! Happy dreams, my friend! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Lauren

      And why wouldn’t I like what you say, as they’re your thoughts/words 🙂

      Happy to have entertained – this encourages me as I’m sure it encourages the contributors.

      Hopefully, you find something you like enough to check out their blogs, if you’ve not already.

      Have a lovely weekend ahead,
      P/s Sweet uneventful dreams

      1. Well, what I meant was the idea of “copying” what someone else had already said. But, sometimes when I arrive later, I do see comments that I could duplicate, but try not to. Anyhoo! 🙂 Sweet dreams!

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