Vampyre – Part Three of Four

Many of us are suckers for love – and when promised eternal love, how does our young lady respond.

Sealed with my Blood 33_WFF by EA

For earlier 33-word episodes of her stay in a hotel during a business trip, and how she met this dark, mysterious man please click on:

1. Not A One Night Stand

2. Red Wine Night


Look out for the fourth and final part on Tuesday 25 June

I shall also provideย a prompt word and call for

Your 33-word Flash Fiction contributions

Hope you can all participate



  1. What an expression ‘ sealed with….’ but a good one. I never used to read this genre but my daughter and you made me take interest in this.

    1. Wait for the final part – then decide ๐Ÿ™‚

      P/s I tried to post a comment on your blog and strangely (for the first time) it prompts me for my name, email, etc – is NSA at work, I wonder

    1. Oh, Georgia – I was loading a draft and accidentally hit the ‘post’ button ๐Ÿ™

      When I realised the error, I deleted that ‘post’ – my apologies.

      1. No problem, just thought I’d lost it. That has happened to me once too…meant to save a draft and hit publish instead!

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