Vampyre – Part Three of Four

Many of us are suckers for love – and when promised eternal love, how does our young lady respond.

Sealed with my Blood 33_WFF by EA

For earlier 33-word episodes of her stay in a hotel during a business trip, and how she met this dark, mysterious man please click on:

1. Not A One Night Stand

2. Red Wine Night


Look out for the fourth and final part on Tuesday 25 June

I shall also provideΒ a prompt word and call for

Your 33-word Flash Fiction contributions

Hope you can all participate



    1. Yes, a dream or a nightmare – the full bladdered wait for relief and enlightenment – on Tuesday 25 June πŸ™‚

      Meanwhile, have a great weekend ahead,

    1. Hello Connie,

      Yes, why say more when we can say all with less.

      Thank you for following my blog and my apologies for taking this long to get around to following your blog – I’m sort of playing catch up here.


    1. Hello Francina,

      Yes, I leave it to the reader to draw on what that means – she woke up – from her nightmare, or her folly.

      You have a great weekend too. Nice photo image that – in your blog post.

      Ciao, Eric πŸ™‚

    1. LOL – Is that what they say?

      I clicked on your link > > and WP says, no such blog. You might want to check your settings.

      1. Okay, thank you – but it shows as > > You can view this in your Comments Admin, probably due to the original Settings when you started your blog. This makes it impossible for anyone to click into your blog when they receive your comments in their blogs.

        Goto – Dashboard > My Blogs (and select the correct blog address) – See if that works.

    1. Cooking in the dark side, I see, Maxy baby πŸ™‚

      Many thanks for your visit and comment,
      P/s Something wrong with your blog link – can’t get through, only managed to tick “like” – shall try again later.

  1. Ooooooo…never liked the illusion of eternal love…now you’ve given me a valid reason to explain my aversion! πŸ™‚

    1. Well Georgia dear – wait for the final episode on Tuesday and you’ll have a far better reason to add to your aversion. This I promise.


  2. Yikes! This is one seriously compromised damsel even if it is giving her pleasure. Terse and evocative – congratulations Eric, Jane.

    1. Oh, thank you Jane – for your ever presence here and encouraging comments.

      Yes, I agree with you totally but as you can gauge, there are quite a few damsels who would love to be in her shoes – or, prehaps they are all being a tad naughty πŸ™‚ All in good fun, I say.

      Have a great weekend dear,

    1. You know, ever since I launched this tiny vampire series – I’ve learnt something about women and their wild side.

      And I thought all along that men took risks with love – no wait a moment. Men take risks with sex. Women risk it all for love!

      Okay, now it all makes sense —- for now —- sort of —- I think πŸ˜•

  3. Aha, so she is cursed now, bet she can levitate or fly and find other drakul. She needs blood, new men and night life..woohoo !

    1. Well, hello there,

      Me thinks Jasey would love such a visit from the tall Dark One
      Me thinks Jasey would love a new man to sink into every night
      Me thinks that’s why Jasey says “Woohoo!”
      Me thinks, Jasey should wait for the finale before accepting the plunge – pun intended
      That’s what me thinks πŸ‘Ώ

      1. Padmini – this haze will not stop soon. At 300 plus PSI – it is very hazardous. Please, you must use face masks – use it all the time if you need to step outdoors. Keep the doors and windows at home shut. Use the aircon if you can. Check the internet and/or Channel News Asia for updates. No need to panic but we need to take serious precautions.

      2. True, we are keeping the door and windows closed, but still can’t keep away the burnt smell. It wasn’t like this for the past two years I SG, I suppose

      3. This is the worst in the last 16 years – quite shocking for all of us – almost like in Beijing – the pollution here. And caused by our great friends in Indonesia.

    1. Well, she sure woke up from a nightmare but as the last episode will reveal, she has not woken up to the life he has given her – or it is the life he had taken away from her.

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