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As Good Friday approaches, I decided to share this thought and small incident.

Considering who He is, He epitomizes humility.


A few years ago, when Lisa and I met her godparents at a parking lot, we wanted their blessing. Katherine is Irish and John a Singaporean Chinese, but they had settled in the USA decades ago and were visiting Singapore. Instinctively, Lisa and I went down on our knees and it blew their mind, what with people and cars passing. For us, it was a natural position to receive blessings from our parents.

This is not extraordinary, as in many cultures, it is customary to bow low and to even touch forehead to earth – yes, in this day and age.

Whatever our Faith and how-so-ever we address Him, it matters not,

But only that we pray and never forget our “roots” and He who nourishes us.

A dialogue between Father and Son.


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Happy Easter Sunday to All who celebrate

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