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Prompt word > BEDPOST.

Three versions – The first titled The Sentinel. A child’s fear – or something more?

33_FF_Bedpost_The Sentinel

The second titled I SPY. We never know who or what watches.

33_FF_Bedpost_I SPY

Bram Stoker’s novel and Hammer Film’s red are the inspirations for The Count.

33_FF_Bedpost_The Count

I know, it all tends to the dark side. I just need to work on lighter themes – or perhaps you can help me out.

You are all invited to come up with your own 33-word flash-fiction, using the prompt BEDPOST.


1. Your contribution can be prose or verse.

2. It can have less than 33 words but please do not exceed 33 words.

3. Please include the word ‘bedpost’ in the body of your contribution.

You are welcome to contribute more than one version, if you wish. As usual, please post your contribution(s) in the “Comments” below.

If I don’t receive any contributions – I hereby threaten to bore you with more of my own 😆 If I do receive any contributions, I shall collate and publish them in a Flash-Fiction Gallery on 2 April with full credit and links to your blogs.


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Thank you for taking part in the Gallery and here is wishing you a great day.


Tom_Poem End