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Do your Comments and Replies attract or chase away readers?

If you are like me, you probably relish “Comments” from readers. And as we all know, comments are great morale boosters, aren’t they, and keep us fuelled.

For this reason, I try to leave behind well thought out comments on blog posts that touch me. Do unto others — (Note: “try” as I don’t always succeed). I also try to give thought to fashioning “Replies” to “Comments” left in my blog.

We all love positive feedback but negative feedback is more challenging and needs greater consideration.

Our “Comments” and “Replies” give us opportunities for building bridges and traffic across cyberspace – or destroying both.

If you are an aspiring (or even published) author, poet, editor, etc –  your “Comments” and “Replies” provide a window to showcase your skills. Think of an “editor” who commits horrible grammatical errors in his comments or replies. Need I say more? The same applies to several other callings. At the very least, our comments and replies reflect on us as human beings.

As an aside, I have also acted as a bozo with some of my “Comments” and am constantly learning. Unlike “Replies” on my own blog, a comment posted on another’s blog can’t be retrieved. Since I started blogging about 16 months ago, I’m sure to have offended some with my “Comments”. I do apologise and shall continue to be more circumspect.

Carefully crafted “Comments” encourage bloggers to visit your posts and, hopefully, to start “following” you. And not only the bloggers, but their readers too might check you out. Similarly, the “Comments” left on your post, provide opportunities to add depth and scope to your post – via your “Replies”.

As my regular readers are aware, some who read my “Comments” section remarked that it is an added bonus. I am humbled and encouraged by such compliments. And a great big “Thank You” to all the people who leave their comments in my blog as their contributions trigger interaction and add vibrancy. Do check out my Comments section – take a recent example > The Fried Chicken Syndrome – or something more serious > Mammon, a haiku or any other post for that matter.

As mentioned in my page – Blog Tips – building traffic is fun when incorporated as part of our overall blogging experience.

In this post, I deliberately did not cover many aspects on Replies and Comments, as it is your voices my readers and I would love to hear. To trigger some thoughts:

1. What are your considerations when posting “Replies” and “Comments”?

2. How do you handle negative feedback to your comments and replies?

I would love to hear your views.

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