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I spent the last few weeks driving around South Island, New Zealand. Confirmed what I’ve always suspected – that I enjoy long drives amidst scenic settings. The South Island of New Zealand is breath-taking, to say the least.

Back in Singapore, a few days before Adamson returned home on vacation. It’s great to have him back.

Am slowly reverting to the routine I enjoy – writing in the mornings, brisk walking and/or road biking in the early evenings, and reading before bed (of course, this last activity – reading – suitably lubricated with a glass of wine or cognac). Will get back to regular blogging soon.

Lisa decided to celebrate my birthday which fell on 11 August, a Saturday. I’m not into birthday celebrations but with age, one gets more pliable I reckon. She booked a table at the Fullerton and…

It’s great to have Adamson home but I also missed my eldest, Alicia. Sunday family dinners were the norm until 3 years ago when Alicia and then Adamson moved to work/study/live in Brisbane and New York City, respectively. Our youngest, Amelia, is in university and lives at home, for now.

Oh well, all three ‘children’ will be home for Christmas which is ‘only’ a few months away.

Saturday morning, I received the best birthday present ever – thanks to Adamson. As soon as I opened my eyes, guess who walks into the room with a great big smile – Alicia!

She had flown into Singapore for the weekend to surprise me – having departed Brisbane on Friday night and touching down in Singapore early Saturday morning. Adamson had organised her tickets and had picked her up at the airport. Even Lisa and Amelia were not privy to this pleasant surprise.

We had a great weekend and dinner, with much laughter, catching up and family bonding. My best birthday, ever. Praise and thank God.

Sent Alicia to the airport on Sunday night and she is back in Brisbane. Adamson returns to NYC this weekend. Though the reunion was/will be all too short, I rather count my blessings than dwell on the parting.

After all, Christmas is only a few months away 🙂

Special Request

I met Nicole Luongo in Blogsville. Though afflicted with cerebral palsy, Nicole cares for her mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s. Nicole needs a few minutes of our time to vote for her in a contest. She did not ask but I offered to highlight with a small note in my blog.

Please read her story here. It is not a sob story but a straight request for our vote > http://cruise.caregiverstress.com/entries/nicole-l/

Courage and determination needs tangible recognition, I reckon.

I’m happy to be back in Blogsville and shall restart regular visits to your blogs. Plenty of catching up to do…

All good wishes to all, Eric