Hello everyone, I’ll be away for the rest of the month and this is my last post until I return.

May I suggest that those who do not already know Ian Grice – please do pop over to his blog http://ianscyberspace.com/

He lives on the Sunshine Coast, Australia and is a retired accountant/administrator. He also spent time in the military – a kind of rite of passage for most young men in many countries.

Ian has travelled extensively in Asia/the Indian subcontinent and lived in this neck of the woods for about 30 years. He is a keen observer of local customs and written several short stories anchored in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand etc. I’ve read and enjoyed every one of them – you will not be disappointed.

He also writes poetry – thought provoking verses, just the way I relish them.

You will find his posts and comments brimming with experience and wisdom – and love – of humanity, flora and fauna.

A true gentle soul, he is now, I reckon. But look carefully – I say this is a nice way – and you’ll see evidence of some rubbed off edges 🙂 battle scars of life.

Ian is not into awards but that has not stopped many from recognising his works.

Like me, I’m sure you’ll enjoy his thoughts and writings. Do check out his archives.

Be back in Blogsville second week of August.

Meanwhile, don’t do anything I won’t do – if you do (especially the naughty ones) – I must insist on all the salacious details 🙂

All good wishes, Eric

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    1. You’re very welcome Darlene (gosh, I simply love this name) and thank you for the visit.
      Yes, I thoroughly enjoy Ian’s sharing. Very earthy – just the way I relish it.
      I enjoyed your posts and shall be dropping over by-the-by.
      All good wishes,

    1. Went to your new blog Raj – wonder whether you can make it more user friendly to post “like” and comments. You can see my visit on the R/H column…Cheers, Eric

    1. Thank you Francina. Am back and will be dropping by your blog soon – plenty of catching up to do. Meanwhile, have a great weekend, Eric 🙂

    1. Hello Naima – thank you for your wishes. Left a comment in your post – Footprints in the mud – hopefully you can retrieve it. Cheers, Eric

    1. Thank you David. Much appreciate this recognition.

      Congratulations also on having landed this award. Richly deserved, from what I can deduce.

      All good wishes, Eric 🙂

  1. Bet you are up to more interesting acts. We look forward to your return with exciting, unique and marvelous details. Enjoy your long holiday break.

    1. You’re very welcome Ian and thank you. Plenty of catching up to do and hopefully, I should pull abreast and be current by next week. Cheers, Eric

  2. Eric, you leave us such a vast universe of wiggle room, to do only the things you would do! (tee,hee). Thanks so much for sharing about your blogging friend in Australia! Have a wonderful time away. Looking forward to having you back here in August!

    1. Thank you Granbee – Ah, me detects that naughty glint in your eyes when you ‘tee, hee’.

      Hope you enjoy reading Ian’s posts.

      I planned to and did have a great time in NZ and am back 🙂

    1. Scandalous secrets many there will be…give me a few days to fashion them in symmetry…where should I start, I ponder as I sat…hmm, maybe how about what the bat said to the cat that had in its claws a rat…who cried out to the woman whose fat blubbered and bled sweat.

    1. Awww, Susan – that is so sweet of you. Yes, I’m happy to be back too. I was on vacation and it was great fun. Drove around South Island, NZ. Much luv and hugz coming your way, Eric 🙂

      P/s – Perhaps instead of turning the dogs loose on the creep – you can don a scary mask and frighten the crap out of him. Perhaps not the best idea – but just the thought – what fun 🙂

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