1. Thank you.

      The readers who make a pit stop here are eclectic and extremely interesting people. They bring so much to the discussion.

      I am fortunate, Eric

  1. Sorry if I’m totally out of context. My first impression was of a mother with her unborn child. The protection and love of her body to protect the baby she carries. If I’m wrong, then it’s Monday blues again…

    1. Awwwh! That is sweet Sharmishtha dear. Yes, I suppose it is multifaceted enough to be quite useful in many places as a reminder.

  2. True. We live in a world where we care for the car or house but not our bodies. Anything goes… and often it’s not until the doc says we have x time to live or we find we can’t push it anymore that we try to make things right. Your posts always seem to evoke some deep thoughts, Eric!

    1. Thank you and you are so right – most people simply don’t care and become a burden to their loved ones and society’s resources.

    1. Thank you Soumyav – and you got it!

      The first three lines, though metaphorical, can also be read as ‘sweating’
      The last line is metaphorical…

  3. The words got me pondering hard, Eric! Our bodies consist of the weaknesses of the flesh. Thank God we have minds and wills to control our bodies and have dominion over its frailties. But this control requires a delicate balance, a tight rope, lest we fall on either side of the ditch (over-indulgence or over-strictness), both of which lead to abuse.

  4. Interesting, this could refer to a child, or to our physical body which cries in protest when overused or abused ( especially as we age ) Do we nurture one and punish the other, or vice versa?

    As always, you stir up the thought process.

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