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It is so difficult to be nice…

A true incident about a decade ago triggered the above…

First month in the Catholic Church we had picked out, a retired schoolteacher cornered, berated  and disparaged me. It was especially shocking as, for the life of me, I didn’t know her. I subsequently learned that she had been a colleague of my older brother, also a schoolteacher, and the two have had issues. It was also interesting that this woman was a catechist, someone who teaches the Bible to children.

I touched her shoulder and said words to this effect, “You’re hurting and I’ll pray for you.”

A crowd had gathered by then and my wife, Lisa, gently led me away. Throughout that week, a thousand thoughts and emotions wrecked me.

My prospective godfather (Lisa and I had decided to embrace the Catholic faith and were journeying) suggested that I stay away from the woman. I made clear that, well-meaning though he might have been, perhaps he was mistaken.

Instead of avoiding her, I sought her out and wished upon her my “Peace”. I did that every Sunday I attended church and must admit that it was not at all easy. Especially back then, I managed people in 24 countries, was known as an “aggressive businessman” and did not suffer fools.

Her reactions ranged from cringing away, to glares and then to stiff smiles. Three months later, she broke down, hugged me and apologized. Now, she seeks me out for a hug.

I had turned the other cheek and felt HIS kiss.

Thank you for helping me to be nice 🙂