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Thank you Art Epiphany for nominating my blog for the Kreativ Blogger Award on 28 December 2011.  Took me a few days to get to this. What a resounding conclusion to Blogging Year 2011.

Now for the rules of conversion:

1. Share ten (10) things no one (meaning the blogging community) know about yourself.

Here goes:

  1. I cannot sing for nuts – even if my life depended on it
  2. I dislike water sports but love motor sports and field & track events
  3. I am the only guy in my circle of family/friends who does not like soccer
  4. I love dogs for pets
  5. I speak Bahasa Indonesia – and even get by in English 🙂
  6. I must take a long walk after dinner – it is almost an addiction
  7. No matter how late I sleep, I am up and about by six-thirty in the morning
  8. I have taken 40 years to research and complete my next novel: Fallen Grace, The Return – due in 2012
  9. I first learnt to use a computer when I was 46 years old
  10. I must drink a cup of tea before bed – it actually helps me sleep

2. Pass it on to six other bloggers. My nominees are:

(i)                  Hscraig > http://hscraig.wordpress.com

(ii)                Talleygilly > http://talleygilly.wordpress.com

(iii)               Africanboythatwrites > http://stillcooltowrite.com

(iv)              Adollyciousirony > http://allaboutlemon.wordpress.com

(v)                thejerseygal®™ > http://gabrielsfury.wordpress.com

(vi)              Jane Thorne > http://janeannethorne.wordpress.com

Thank you everyone and happy blogging!

(I have a couple of more awards to pass on….I’ll see what I can accomplish today. Starting tomorrow, my children will be flying off and we want to spend more time together)