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1960s’ Singapore: The continuing saga of a boy called Mechanic Leigh…

Rascal Slim came to class with an inflated paper bag (plastic bags have not been invented yet and earth was still safe). He wore a sly smile.

All of us knew his intentions – an old stunt – burst the bag as some unsuspecting soul stepped into the classroom. We even knew who the victims were – Prim and her twin sister, Proper. It was in-between lesson periods and the lady teacher, Miss Pincher (her idea of punishing children was to pinch stomachs until the skin broke), had ordered everyone to remain QUIET! – until Mr Sir returned. Of course, as soon as Miss Pincher stepped out, the classroom turned rowdy.

(You’re reading this in red because the full episode is not available for public viewing)

He dragged Rascal Slim by the ear to the principal’s office. Ten strokes of the cane later, Rascal Slim came to be called Cowboy Slim – because of his bow-legged walk.

********** Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2012 **********