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1960s’ Singapore: The continuing saga of a boy called Mechanic Leigh…

Every morning, rubbish collectors came around in an open truck. Unlike the present day, the men did not wear uniforms or gloves. They wore filthy clothes and stank as bad as the rubbish they collected. Plastic bags were not invented yet and people simply tossed the crap into unlined tins, which came in all shapes and sizes – I was referring to the holes in the tins. Quite often, when the men lifted up the tins, filthy fluid would flow out and drench them.

(You’re reading this in red because the full episode is not available for public viewing)

After that day, we never teased Mr Moustache. When the truck trundled past, we would run after it and wave at all the gruff men. They were so nice and we had such great fun.

These men became our friends :-)

********** Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2012 **********